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Full Version: Photos of absinthe event in Houston this last DEc. 5th
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Id Wizzard
I wish I could have posted these sooner but I'm glad to be able to share these now.

The photos were taken by Brian Huff who was coming to enjoy the event and I asked him to work instead. He had a good time anyway but we have him to thank for the shots.

I'll give you two links.

One is at my web site but doesn't have any comments attached and the Faebook page for the event which does have comments.

It was a great time. Enjoy.

The Facebook doesn't work for me.

Nice pics though, some familiar heads.
QUOTE(Marc @ Feb 1 2010, 12:35 AM) *
The Facebook doesn't work for me.
I found the photos on facebook. Try this link:
Jaded Prole
I don't do facebook.
You don't need to do FB to view the photos.
Apparently one does need an account.
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QUOTE(G&C @ Feb 1 2010, 11:18 AM) *

Apparently one does need an account.

Might not have posted the correct link. At the bottom of each page that has a photo, is a link that can be provided to anyone, FB user or not.

Click to view attachment

But it can only be done by the person who originally published the pics.

For example:;id=704719000 should send you to a pic of a recent Scotch tasting.
What's facebook?

And, why?
It's just like Myspace, but for old people.
Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(Steve @ Feb 1 2010, 07:09 AM) *

I found the photos on facebook. Try this link:

The party is called "The Green Herue"?
green whore? You mean these kitschy ladies?
And if I were to tell you that I like kitschy green whores would you hold them against me?

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