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Full Version: Greetings !! :D
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Hellooo all

I am a fairly new absinthe lover! My affair started about a year ago when I got a job at the liquor store. Ohhh that bottle of Lucid with your memorising eyes just kept staring away at me. Until finally last summer when you arrived in a fancy package with two absinthe glasses and a spoon (for the same price) After much stalking on my part I took you home and stashed you away in my cupbooard. Everytime I reached for my box of fruit loops I would look at you…. I was not ready for you yet.

Until one warm summer eve I sat out on my porch and had my first taste of the green fairy. You sitting there all shiney and telling me its going to be ok and fun. I was so clumsy with my spoon and sugar. I had such a hard time with that first pour of ice water, but I made my first green love. With my husband watching me (to see if I would live no doubt) as I took my first sip I WAS HOOKED! Oh my gods! You tasted just like good n plenty candies!

So six months later the Lucid is gone and I am almost done with my WONDERFUL bottle of Pacifique and am on a quest to try others. Finding this site has made me happy in that now I can have some conversations about different kinds and share my passion for good absinthe.

I have a black cat with yellow eyes. I see that bottle all around my house.

Hello there.
Velcome !
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