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Full Version: Could it be. . .
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I'm surprised no one has suggested it,
I've owned Buick's, Subaru, and always had a ford pickup, never apologized for the repair record
never was a problem but some of the recalls could have killed me, the Regal alone had 3 recalls that were deadly.
Einstein said if you could look back far enough in detail at a history, you could accurately predict the future,
that's why I'm surprised we didn't predict this:
certain car companies in crisis
certain ones paying the price.
The lost face alone is embarrassing,
and so is the bare assing obviousness of it.
I made this up but it must be true.
I bought a Chevy Impala but Toyota is no worser than anything else, it's
just politics.
Didn't they invent the Zero defect Zen manufacturing thing?
Donnie Darko
They're no better than the rest of them in admitting mistakes, but the difference is that recalls are pretty much considered the norm for American cars, whereas until this point Toyota had a big reputation for being better than that. They still do make quality cars overall, they just got hasty and initially wouldn't own up to it until it got a lot of attention, which is typically American auto maker behavior. In comparison to Toyota's problems though, my little shitty Ford Focus had 5 recalls just on that one model, and several other big expensive problems that were part of a "dealer recall" that they only tell you about if you happen to bring the piece of shit car to the dealer for that specific problem. For cheap-ass cars, Toyota is still much better in my book.

I think the problem is electrical though, not some floor-mat/pedal assembly nonsense. I had a Prius as a loaner a few months ago. I hated the thing. You're driving a computer, not a car. Has anybody ever encountered a computer that works perfectly 100% of the time? I was impressed with how comfortable and roomy it was, and of course the mileage was amazing, but the shifter doesn't seem to be connected to a real transmission, in fact nothing in the car feels mechanically connected. The brakes are spongey and the suspension feels like it's hooked up to tiny tiny wheels. If it flew I'd be fine with it feeling like that, but it's on a road, so I want to feel like I'm in a machine that's connected to the road, not like I'm in Tron stuck inside a computer program.
It's a media blitz, I'm just not buying it, the timing is too convenient.
I like my Chevy though, at $16K it's a cheap piece of xit that has not let me down, that's pretty much all I want out of a car.
I think the media likes the angle that sez they were too perfect and hence headed for a fall. Those may not be the facts, but it's the narrative the media has constructed.
You mean like the Tiger Woods of automakers? Were Toyotas being produced in the US and Mexico? Is that part of the problem? Just wondering…
I would like to think that the fact that U.S. production for Japanese automakers has greatly increased is not a quality indicator at all. Dunno though. No Mexican production AFAIK. And yes, now that I think of it, that's a superb analogy.
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