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Full Version: On line valentine
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And to everyone.
If I said something mean, don't take it to heart, it's just me, playing the devils part
or it was the green man, strolling through,
how painful are the lines, when you are all my Valentines?
Happy Valentine's Day, Kirk! heart.gif
I'm all warm and fuzzy
Me too heart.gif

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Who's going to be first to show us their tits?
I can't tell you I'm tits as I will admit to not being a very social person in that I am not often able to engage in clever conversation. It's true that I have studied the ways of people who are and sometimes am able to successfully mimic the techniques. As it is I have a very lively inner social life where I converse constantly with characters real and imagined, mostly remembered. A short conversation in real time with a friend or acquaintance will sustain my temperament for many hours of replay as I re-pose or posit new angles and ways of looking at it, in my head.

But that doesn't sound too warm and fuzzy too me.
I am not often able to engage in clever conversation

Could have fooled me.

People should go the Lounge and check out Liver's valentine card:
If it's not too late, and sometimes it never is, Happy V-Day Kirk!
… (double post)
Got a Presidents Day poem Kirk? Don't you live in Virginia? Come on maaaan!
Happiest One, Kirkenstein!
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