A friend of mine needs money so he asked me to help with selling his Clandestine bottle despite the fact that he had originally planned to keep it for himself and drink it occasionally.

So the bottle has been discovered in a junk-dealer cellar last year, he acquired it in the 70's from a friend of him leaving near Toulouse and producing clandestine absinthe.

The bottle itself is the classic Argenti from the 70's, but the content is not Argenti, I've tasted both so I can tell you, the aroma, louche and taste are different. This clandestine is unique, very flowery & very punchy, better than most of the PF Tarragona I've tasted. It makes me think this was produced and stocked before the 70's.

Only 250ml left, that makes only 4 x 60ml samples for sale.
Alternatively, you can buy the whole bottle with remaining content for a very attractive price if you wish.

Contact me for details.

(for those who contacted me already, price is now reduced)

IPB Image

IPB Image