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Full Version: Lend Me a Fountain?
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Kay Jay Why
So, my birthday is almost here and I'm having a couple of friends over tomorrow night to enjoy some absinthe. However, as per my usual M.O. I decided this kind of last minute. I would love to have a fountain there but I don't have time to order one online.

So, is there anyone in New York who has a fountain they'd be willing to lend me for the night of Saturday, Feb. 20? I'm in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn but I can travel to you. Please PM me and we can work out the details.

Alternatively, if anyone, say, bought a glass fountain and recently upgraded to a stainless steel model, I'd be happy to buy your old one. Once again, PM me to work out the details.

In either case, you would, of course, be welcome at my party.

Use a carafe, pitcher or even a sports bottle loaded with ice water. Carafes are historically accurate. Don't fret the details. Enjoy. And have a happy birthday.
Kay Jay Why
QUOTE(Tibro @ Feb 19 2010, 04:59 PM) *

Don't fret the details. Enjoy. And have a happy birthday.

Oh, I've got a carafe. I've also got two lovely glass olive oil / vinegar bottles with tops that make it easy to pour a drop at a time. I would just like a fountain because a) it would be cool to have one and b) it would allow my guests and me to be lazy and not have to pour the water ourselves.
Absinthe is not for the lazy.
Let each indulge himself with the luxury of not being allowed to water his own absinthe. Let it only be done as a gift of grace for another.
QUOTE(Provenance @ Feb 19 2010, 05:35 PM) *
Absinthe is not for the lazy.

Perhaps not, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it more than any other beverage, especially since I splurged and bought my fountain.
Seriously, any fool who says "nothing worth doing is easy" hasn't louched a glass of good Absinthe with a fountain.
So, it's the exception that proves the rule?

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