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Full Version: The American View of Absinthe
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From 1883. I don't think this one's in Oxy's library yet although it looks to be swiped from/inspired by M. G. Darré.

The original is in the Library of Congress.

IPB Image
Makes me want to try it.



Wearing a big black spider on your head?
All of the above.

Drinking it straight…
The spider's a nice touch. A little weird being dangled over his head, a little too parallel to the suicide, but nice. The skeleton's leg high-stepping out of the background though…

I wish the right side of the image wasn't cropped so closely. I'd like to see how menacingly that bird's head is depicted.
Now uncropped (and higher resolution) per Tibro's request.

Mostly I was amused by the irony, an American complaint about the import of absinthe based on a blatant rip-off of an imported (French) illustration. Not surprisingly, the original is far better.…e-1883-107K.jpg
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(Stroller @ Mar 24 2010, 04:06 PM) *

Makes me want to try it.

Reminds me of why I love it. It's delicious distilled myth-busting in a bottle. The reputation for giving you a "clear-headed" drunk is not unwarranted, and what thing would people misunderstand and mischaracterize more than something that makes you clear-headed?

Well, clear-headed until you've had too many, and then it just turns you into a stupid asshole like any other booze, but with the added benefit of one of the nastiest hangovers ever experienced if you take it far enough…
I like that the French version, instead of murder, has folly, which seems to consist of two Pinkertons restraining an outraged citizen while a mime checks his coiffure for cooties. Apparently that wasn't strong enough for American tastes.
I like that the skeleton in the French version is louching the gentleman's drink from a carafe. Even Death is not so savage as to allow someone to drink absinthe straight.
The guy in the American version looks a lot like you.
You must've been one debonair guy before the evil spirit got a hold of your soul. Nobody in my circle looks anywhere near as good as the guy in that print.

But then none of them are Amerikans either. You prolly smell better, too.
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