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Full Version: Another Newcomer
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Hello, all! I hereby introduce myself.

My interests over the years have included comic book collecting, scale model building, incense blending, and independent feature film production. (That last one is a long story, and is responsible for my nom de forum.) My interest in unusual food and drink leads me to absinthe.

From all I have read, it seems I was right in being wary of the Czech absinths that first stimulated my curiosity - I had no desire to shell out huge sums to have a potentially crappy product clandestinely shipped overseas. I instead stumbled across the real thing (Lucid) in a local liquor store some months back, and have since expanded my horizons to include the quite excellent Delaware Phoenix products. I hope to explore further once my wallet allows.

Please don't taunt me too severely for my innocence at this stage. I am naive, but - as Harold Ramis said in Stripes when denying he and Bill Murray were gay - I am willing to learn.
Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll do fine here.
Hiya CF! Good start. Keep on learnin'.
Green Baron
Just so we're on the same page, what level of taunting would you consider "severe"? evill.gif

I actually don't think you'll get taunted for being inexperienced, it's much more likely to happen when someone pretends to know more about absinthe than they actually do. Or asking fundamental questions covered by the FAQ. But if you're around long enough and don't get taunted at least a few times, then you're either preternaturally awesome or really boring.

Anyhow, like scuto said, you're off to an excellent start with the DPsinthes. Welcome and happy drinking! abs-cheers.gif
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I know I'm in the right place when someone's signature contains both an Edward Gorey quote and a Gaelic proverb. Did I mention I have eclectic tastes?

Speaking of which, I did neglect to mention my line of work. I think a person’s intellectual interests define him more accurately than his “occupation”, and therefore tend to omit this information. For those who care, I hold an assistant director’s position in a major American university, as well as an adjunct teaching position. I trust this helps place me somewhere in that area between preternaturally awesome and really boring, albeit likely closer to the latter.
It will probably place you somewhere in the group that doesn't get criticized for having a poor handle on English grammar and composition, and that's not a bad thing at all. abs-cheers.gif
Bad grammar and poor spelling used with purpose and intelligence are marks of distinction. Something like finding Delaware Phoenix products without having to have your hand held all the way to the candy store.

Finks are rarely much good but you don't seem half bad. Welcome.
Hm… good clarification.
QUOTE(ChasFink @ Mar 30 2010, 06:55 AM) *

For those who care, I hold an assistant director’s position in a major American university, as well as an adjunct teaching position.

Thanks for clearing up the mystery, I'd been wondering if you were actually Charlie Finkel, founder of Merchant du Vin, and Seattle's Pike Brewing Co. abs-cheers.gif
Was he also interested in independent feature film production at one time?
Jaded Prole
You're lucky enough to come along when there are selections as good as Delaware Phoenix products rather than having to experience the learning curve of rediscovery that got us here. Welcome to our obsession.
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