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Full Version: Losna
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I am really surprised with what I just found tonight.

After I started drinking absinthe and learning that "wormwood" is the plant that is essential for making absinthe I started to think "what the heck" is this "wormwood"…. Since I don't know botanics, I started to read and eventually today I found out that in Brazil this "wormwood" is called LOSNA.

So… I remember that my grandmother used to talk about a lot of tea made of losna, infusion, and many therapeutic uses…. I believe that my grandma used this tea of "losna" for menstrual colic…

I found an article on Internet about Losna (in Portuguese)Losna - Portuguese word for "wormwood"

So…. my grandmother had Losna in her garden when I was a kid. Therefore, this plant grows in Brazil….. and not only on the mountains of Switzerland as people like to claim…. it is pretty much a "weed" that people used for therapeutic reasons…

Probably Braziian people today do not even know about this, because "chá de losna" seems something so old as my grandmother would be if her was alive…. (ah… I miss my grandma for sure….)

Next time I go to Brazil on a street fair I will talk to some old people about the use of "Losna"…. av-80.gif

- Marcelo
Nice find.
Dioscorides prescribed wormwood cooked with honey to "provoke the menstrual flow". Losna was an Etruscan lunar (menstrual!) deity. Grandma was walking a very old path. Absinthe has its roots firmly in medicine.
Yeah, it "cured" all of us. (From bullshit and boredom to "speak" for myself.)
Some Grannies have a cure for those too.
It's a slap behind the head.
Take as directed.
Use as needed.
Heap Big Medicine
if it works
I learned something new… thanks… "Losna" is an Etruscan Goddess of the Moon !!!!! ---- so "losna is a weed in Brazil"……. then basically "wormwood" is "a weed"……. very interesting……
Wormwood is considered a Class C Noxious Weed in Washington state and one could be fined for letting it 'get away', or playing Johnny Absinthe Seed.
Any Class B nondesignate noxious weed in the noxious weed control region in which the land lies; or any Class C noxious weed:

1st offense within five years $ 250
2nd offense 500
3rd offense 750
4th and any subsequent offense 1,000
Is that because if allowed it takes over other vegetation? Or is there another reason?
Class C Noxious Weeds

Class C Noxious Weeds
Class C noxious weeds are either already widespread in Washington or are of special interest to the agricultural industry.

  • The Class C status allows a county to enforce control if it is beneficial to that county (for example, to protect crops).
  • Other counties may choose to provide education or technical support for the removal or control of these weeds.

When do you next return to Brazil?
It's "invasive". It tends to take over the ground, making it hard for other plants to grow. I've read that it poisons the soil such that other plants won't grow near it, but I don't know if that's true.
QUOTE(Grim @ Apr 5 2010, 01:30 PM) *

When do you next return to Brazil?

Probably in August I will be there for a few days….. My engineering class of 1985 will have a big party of 25 years of graduation…. however, that is not a crowd for absinthe… it is only beer and "cachaça"…

do you need anything from Brazil ?


- Marcelo pirate2.gif
Oh… no, but thanks!

I was just wondering - wondering at what point you'd be returning if wormwood grew wild there.
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