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Full Version: Best Clergy In A Vintage Absinthe Photo Ever.
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This one would seem to be a clear front-runner at first, with the whole Christian-Islam interfaith dialogue thing going on….
…but really, it pales in comparison to the eventual winner.

Green Baron
That last one is great. I'd be having a good time too if I was drinking Edouard! I noticed the filename indicates it's from a stereocard.

While visiting my mom last Xmas, I discovered that she had a couple of inherited stereoscopes and whole bunch of cards from the turn of the century (and a few that were cut out of a magazine from the '30s). No absinthe, but there was a colorized Paris expo, along with all sorts of other stuff.

It makes me wonder how many absinthe stereo cards there were?
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Apr 17 2010, 01:36 AM) *

…but really, it pales in comparison to the eventual winner.

I've got a caption for that…
I'm not sure where you are finding all these vintage photos, but they are hilarious keep em coming!
Do you have a picture with Abs in it?
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