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Full Version: Best "I See Dead People" Moment In A Vintage Absinthe Photo.
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Tough one this. This photograph has 4 coffins and a skull, but it's more proto-goth than genuinely creepy.
…aaahh, that's better: Edouard Pernod Jnr, shortly after he drowned himself in the lake near Neuchatel in February 1880.

Do we how or why he chose to induce his own end? Aside from the fact that he drowned himself, that is.
The Standard Deviant
Looks like after the ban to me, David. Where's the absinthe? Doesn't make it a less interesting photograph though.

Second, perhaps E. Pernod Jr was seeing if he would louche.
strange really :) good stuff oxy :)

drowned himself ? So he commited suicide strange … in february I bet there is ice in neuchatel those days that's a proof that he really want to die
grey boy
Making a death mask:
Respectfully working.
Respectfully, that link doesn't seem to be working.
Working link.
Page not found.
It's working now, after I spent 10 minutes searching through that site.
That's odd. If you click on grey boy's link, then remove the "preview" and one of the periods from the address bar it'll work. That's the link I posted. It appears that my link will only work after you've done that. The Interwebs sure is a mysterious place sometimes.
It doesn't seem to work unless:
…you click on grey boy's link, then remove the "preview" and one of the periods from the address bar…
It would appear that both of the links work if you click them and when you reach the 'page not found' page, click on the address bar, then press enter. I'd guess it's some sort of protection to prevent hotlinking.
grey boy
Thanks for the good link G&C
sorry for the mess.

Back to obscurity.
That's fucked up because it didn't work when I posted it.

That's why I quoted the page not found error.
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