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Full Version: Pernod Fils Anis Surfin
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Bottle contains 4/5 pint.
Back label
IRS tax stamp. The seal is broken, but the bottle is full.

J, Wile & Sons sold the business in 1972.
Yes, I just found that. It was sold to Nabisco. So it's from before 1972.

Does it have any value? I don't own it. A friend's father found it (and opened it, to smell it I think). I smelled it - powerful anise scent. They might be willing to sell it. I told him I would try to find out what it's worth. If it's not worth selling, he proposed that we drink it.
Drink it and report back. It will be anise to the fore, maybe in a slight direction towards Tarragona, yet WITHOUT wormwood.
From the 60's, early 70's.
it's worth the same as an old pastis, not much, it's just a nice bottle to keep or drink (if still drinkable).
Thank you, Marc. I will pass the information along.
Click to view attachment So, the owner said to drink it.

Click to view attachment So ...
Scent of good anise, powerful louche, nice flavor if you water it just right, it has a tad of that old lady purse dustiness that's kind of nice. I'm thinking it's about 50 years old.
I would like some advise from you about a purchase that I made this weekend. I was in an "used's fair" in the city that I am currently living in France. I saw a nice water bottle, to serve water for absinthe, with the brand of Pernod Fils, written "Paris" and the hat of Pontarlier…. I bought it, I am not sure if I was ripped off, I gave the lady 30 Euros for that bottle…. It is at least very nice, it holds enough water to louche one or two absinthes…. I don't have a camera now to post a pic (I broke my camera three weeks ago). I posted here, because I don't want to open a new thread to discuss such simple issue…. but any hints from you I would be really happy to read.


- Marcelo
Go to ebay and search for a similar item, click on the left column where it says "completed listings" and it will give you a record of the sale of anything matching that description.
New threads are for discussing simple issues.
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