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Full Version: The Boutique
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I'm glad to officially announce the grand opening of the Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe Boutique.

If you want to be added to the mailing list and receive updates, or looking for advices on antiques offered, email me at marc @

Alternately, if you're looking for something not listed, I can always contact some people and find it for you.
Very beautiful items. One question, why list things NOT available?
Beautiful stuff, Marc. If it wasn't Mother's Day, my cart would have been checking out.
It was very kind of Marc to remedy the forum's problem of insufficient absinthe-related temptations.
Jaded Prole
why list things NOT available?

I'm glad they are. They are a pleasure to view and in some cases serve as a comparative reference for other items that show up.

O accursed penury!
QUOTE(Patlow @ May 9 2010, 07:26 PM) *

One question, why list things NOT available?

Very simple Pat:
1- they sold very quickly, after a week or two only, they were not teasers, believe me, they were actually available when I first uploaded the Boutique, but before I was ready to publicly announce it on forums, some collectors had seen it and contacted me.
2- if I can get them again in stock I won't have to redo the listing. Easy.
3 - What JP said.
Got it. Thanks.
Hey Marc! Nice to see you here. I enjoyed that stunning etched torsade you sold me last night with some Doubs. Saucer and spoon from you as well!

Those glasses are fan-fucking-tastic, Marc.

It's great to have something like this made available.

A decade ago, people would have lost their mind if they knew what anyone could have access to these days.
Merci Grim.

I've just finished to update the Musée Virtuel webshop again, 10 new glasses, more than 100 new saucers, etc.
And more importantly for you guys: vintage absinthes for sale in 60ml samples.
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