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Full Version: Austin, Texas
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As some of you may know, I spend a couple of days in Austin, TX last weekend, where I had the opportunity to meet Eric and Kasejin, which was really fantastic.

On Sunday I was able to stop by Eric's house, where because of Eric's amazing hospitality and generousity, I had some truly once in a lifetime experiences in a glass, and an education to boot. And the frosting on the cake was we had Grimmy on the phone for color commentary! Some (actually a fair amount) of PF 1914, a bit of something from 1865 (!), and something from somebody you know, that you're gonna want to buy lots of, were just some of the many highlights of our evening.

Some of the stuff I can't really comment on, except to say that it was very, very good tasting and I can't wait to be able to get more. Even though I've been drinking absinthe for several years now, to me it's mostly either "good" or "not good", so it was wonderful to be able to sit there and drink while hearing about what I was drinking from someone who knows the ins and outs of the beverage like Eric. We even got to have some l'artisinale!

The next night I met Kasejin at Peche for some dinner and darn good cocktails, and afterwards we headed over to the club where Eric was playing to hear some blues for a couple of hours, which of course doesn't happen up here in the northwoods!

So, all in all, it was great to be able to meet both of you, it was certainly the highlight of my "spend 48 hours in a car drive 2700 miles in 5 days" break from the world! And a sincere thank-you to Eric, you are one hell of a guy!

There's nothing quite like a weekend at Eric's!
Eric is fantastic. I really hope to meet him someday.
What he said!!!
Some of the stuff I can't really comment on, except to say that it was very, very good tasting and I can't wait to be able to get more.


Several times I've visited eric, and debated ever leaving.
Sounds like one hell of a time. It will be interesting to see what this mystery drink you speak of is!
QUOTE(speedle @ May 22 2010, 07:20 AM) *
And a sincere thank-you to Eric, you are one hell of a guy!


I was out of town this weekend and just got back yesterday. Did not have access to the internet.
It was really cool to meet w/ Speedle last week. Glad that you made it home safely.
Hope to see you in Sept.
Every time I see a cache of old booze turn up, I wonder how it got there. Good booze does not age in the bottle at my house.
Last weekend I was laying a water line and ended up in my crawl space. I saw some bottles and thought they were antiques. On pulling them out I recognized the crude wax glob I put on anything I was considering saving,
I had applied it to a bottle of L'Artisinale and a bottle of 10cent sinthe, 2 other bottles are unidentifiable but of North American origin. I quit drinking about a month ago so I decided to put them back and forget about them (again).
Okay, I'm drunk.
The problem being, when I'm drunk, I start talking,
the problem is, it won't end there.
If I say anything I know is true, it will hurt someone,
if I say anything I believe may be true, I learned it from someone else and they'll be mad I told you.
So, tell anyone but me what you know, because I'll prolly get drunk and repeat it
or try to kiss you so
I quit drinking
and I have nothing to say.
R3al Caravano
I think we might have a second growing season this year; try and focus on that. Personally I like some dirt under my nails.
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