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Full Version: Absinthe Brands In My Country
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Hello all Absinthe lovers.
I am a newbie in absinthe world and i was told that Mansinthe is a good Absinthe to start.
So i bought a bottle to taste it and have it as a point of reference for future Absinthe Brands.
I checked some specific Absinthe sites and i can say i came to a conclusion that Mansinthe is a medium-user Absinthe (If i can say that).
My question is, that here in Greece, i find these specific brands which i dont know which are Absinthe and which Petrolium. I would also appreciate if some people here have tasted all of these, to put the products in a Poll-like sequence starting from best Absinthe to worst.
Thanx in advance for your time!!!

Here are the products:

IPB Image
The Clandestine may be drinkable.
QUOTE(Kirk @ May 22 2010, 08:28 PM) *
The Clandestine may be drinkable.

So these products are that bad?

Green Baron
Some are good, most are horrible/not even real absinthe. Mansinthe does look like the best verte option. Though it's not the most complex absinthe, it probably tastes awesome in contrast to the other green products on the list. Duplais Blanshe would be the next blanche/clear absinthe to try after Clandestine. I wouldn't bother with any of the others. You should be able to look them all up in the Buyer's Guide.
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