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I made it! I tunneled under the wire, baited the attack hounds, garrotted the guards and shimmied (thats right, I said shimmied) around the wall. So after this extraordinary display of evasion and infiltration skills I finally have arrived to say hello.


I'm an Australian living in Deutschlands north and have developed a passion for absinthe, I am not an expert on absinthe history or the atomic weight of pre ban fils but am getting a good list of absinthes past the tastebuds to be able to tell what I like and what I would recommend to others.

I don't have any questions whatsoever I'm am merely here to waffle on about Absinthe and whatever else.

I am a short time member of WW and although I find that site to be friendly enough, It (to me) is a little bland.

So after previewing your forum and seeing it a little more lively I signed up.

Thats about it

Cheers see you in the pages abs-cheers.gif
Guys, the green horn does not have questions. How preposterous is that ?

Considering he once discovered olive spoons were not absinthe spoons, I reckon the great Oxygenee himself has questions.

Are you by any chance saying that we are a bande of ignorants ? Seriously ?

Ok, ok, just pulling your leg. Welcome aboard, Poe
I strongly suspect you may be a bande of ignorants but my lack of intellectual prowess will make you all seem like Stephen Hawking to me.

Would you like me to ask a question?


Since I'm a green horn I'll ask an appropriate question,

At what stage in the preparation of a glass of pre-ban fils do I set it on fire?
After you have poured it all over your self of course!
QUOTE(Aggelos @ Jun 4 2010, 07:25 AM) *
the great Oxygenee himself

The Absinth King doesn't come around here very often.
I feel like I've entered jeopardy:

"In the form of a question, please."
Hello there!
QUOTE(eric @ Jun 4 2010, 05:41 PM) *

After you have poured it all over your self of course!

I feel a burning sensation, is that normal? blink.gif

thanks for the welcomes fellas abs-cheers.gif
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