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Full Version: Absinthe Bar in Paris
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I did not find a place to post about drinking absinthe in cities around the world in this forum. So, if I posted wrong, please move to the right section.

I visited a wonderful bar in Paris, it is a rock bar, Cantada - L'Ultime Rock Bar. They are located at 13 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris. Their website is Cantada in the East side of Paris.

The manager is a nice young French man, with a good English, very pleasant to talk. They have rock shows downstairs…. I was there Friday at 2 AM and stayed until 4:30 AM, I could see the sunrise at 5 AM….. They have a menu of more than 50 absinthe brands, most of them are Swiss or from Pontarlier… A few from other countries. I tried two, Duplais Blanche and Roquette.

The bar has a wonderful atmosphere, with interesting artwork. The "ambiance" is very friendly. And they also serve GOOD COFFEE at 4 am !!!! (I needed to be awake until the sunrise !)

I completely suggest you to visit this bar.


- Marcelo
3 Polish vodkas out of 4 heart.gif , but why absinthes are served in such a minute quantity? Yes, I have spotted the same while in Boveresse when I was fighting with that stupido stopper on the bottle of L'Interdite in Fleurier to make a real measure into my glass.
Yeah, I'd been there before. Peter V. showed it to me many years ago. I'm glad it's still around so when I go back I can visit again. Definitely a unique little hangout. Glad you enjoyed it!
Apparently, they recently reworked their basement to have it look like a cabaret, and called it "cabaret du neant" like this same one on the CPAs where you see people drinking absinthe in front of coffins and skeletons
too bad that at 2 am the basement was closed…… I just hanged out up there…. but it was really nice…. it was hard for me to walk from that place to La Tour Eiffel to see the sunrise ! I was dead at 7 AM…. took a coffee and headed out for my hotel in the south of Paris (close to Cachan)…… slept until 2 PM, and the ladies of the hotel were upset with me because they wanted to clean my room……… harhar.gif

- Marcelo
QUOTE(mgs @ Jun 30 2010, 04:46 PM) *

the ladies of the hotel were upset with me because they wanted to clean my room………

That's an interesting euphemism.
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