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Full Version: Email from La Fée that mentions the Swiss IGP
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A thank you from the brand owner -
Dear La Fée drinkers, clients & affiliates,

Happy Birthday Absinthe!

This weekend is a milestone for Absinthe, as on Sunday the 25th July 2010, La Fée celebrates 10 years since returning the distilling of Absinthe to France with La Fée Absinthe Parisienne: Our flagship brand has been endorsed by Marie-Claude Delahaye of the French Absinthe Museum in Auvers-Sur-Oise since this historic date.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and customers around the world, as well as Marie-Claude, who have supported La Fée over this time and ensured the renaissance of Absinthe as a mainstream category. La Fée is now sold in over 30 countries touching every continent and rolling out across the United States.

I’m pleased to see how strong the Absinthe category has become since our first days back in 1998 when we started this unique journey from Bayford (near London) awakening the Green Fairy and starting her Renaissance. In the early days we were under constant threat of being banned - however we possessed a document which I signed on the 21st of July 1998 with UK Trading Standards confirming Absinthe was legal for Europe and hence most of the world. This legal document holds firm to this day and 12 years on Absinthe is once again a spirit of choice behind bars around the world. In 2006 USA authorities signed a treaty with the EU adopting Europe’s rules for thujone in spirits - leading to the opening of Absinthe to the USA in 2007.

Swiss Absinthe Controversy
Much excitement is stirring around Absinthe in Europe and I feel it only appropriate that La Fée update you on what is happening, as we are again at the centre of the evolution of the category. A small group of Swiss distillers (who could be described as late arrivals to the Renaissance) are trying to take exclusive ownership of the Absinthe category in Switzerland. While their application currently only applies within Switzerland, and is under heavy opposition, it could lead to global restrictions if harmonised with EU law. French distillers are rightly outraged by this attempt to negate a critical part of their heritage and birth right, resulting in myself and Marie-Claude Delahaye being invited by the Fédération Française de Spiritueux (FFS) for meetings in Paris to help defend France's position alongside the likes of Pernod.

La Fée are in a unique position to help protect and reinforce the French position, for the full story and downloadable dossier click HERE.

the complete dossier :…ion21072010.pdf
In 2006 USA authorities signed a treaty with the EU adopting Europe’s rules for chop.gif in spirits

I understand current EU rules have been simplified to 35 ppm.gif (not more special bitters category). I suspect TTB will be following suit any century now.
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