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Full Version: Essential Spirits Absinthe?
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Wild Bill Turkey
So tonight our bar had a visit from Lee Medoff, formerly the distilling partner of House Spirits in Portland, OR. In addition to Aviation Gin, his outfit was the most recent distillery to produce the currently stalled Marteau.

We talked about his new projects at Bull Run Distilling Co, including some exciting-sounding rum and whiskey. He mentioned in passing that there is a distillery here, near San Francisco, called Essential Spirits, and that they have been producing some top-quality absinthes in small batches and selling them in 375ml bottles. Their website mentions nothing about this, and if it's been selling commercially, I haven't seen it at any of the likely outlets in the city.

Has anyone heard about them? Is there a whole thread about them already that my meager search skills missed?
I check the TTB list once every few days for anything that looks like an absinthe and I've not seen this.
The company has been mentioned before with respect to grappa. Perhaps absinthe is an extension of their work.

QUOTE(Grim @ Apr 11 2009, 08:00 AM) *

Take Essential Spirits and David Sr./David Jr. for instance. They make a fantastic grappa in a beautiful alambic, hand-made by Jean-Louis Stupfler. Curiously enough, I think Dave Sr. said they don't have a basculement, or rocker. So they have to manually shovel HUUUUGe amounts of marc by hand in that still… for 15 liters of usable product at a time! Nothing about that is easy!! But all you'll see is smiles on the family's face when they talk about doing it.

They also make the DH Krahn gin.
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