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Full Version: ~A jewelry artist's tribute to ansinthe~
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I wanted to share my new jewelry line, called "Absinthe Dreams" with everyone on the forum! Here is a link:

Please let me know what you think of my pretties!
; )

Donnie Darko
Thank you for warning us, we will make sure and not buy anything you ever make since you spammed us. For future reference, it's spelled "Absinthe", not ansinthe. Now scram.
A greed

All the pieces you see throughout the shop are exclusive, handmade designs, infusing elements both modern and vintage to create fresh new looks with a ton of personality and just the right amount of sass! Our designer goes to great lengths to ensure that the utmost care and quality goes into every single piece of jewelry made, meticulously inspecting each one before shipping.

Piss off.
Once you open the door for a shill you never know who'll walk in next. Soon we'll have a pick-pocket in every thread.

I'm broke. Leave me alone.
QUOTE(ghostlove @ Aug 29 2010, 09:51 AM) *

Please let me know what you think of my pretties!

I won't, but the phrase "you're not Kirk" implies an answer.

So true. Kirk's even the opposite of a pick-pocket. He bestows his talent-laden pieces on people without their asking.

Looks like cheap pre-made commercial parts out of a gum machine.

Click to view attachment
Not even.

This one deserves a Fredie.
R3al Caravano
Do you offer a line of glow in the dark items that I can hang beside my black-light posters?
Hard to believe we've been brought to this, belaying robots.
Now is as good a time as any, I suppose, to confess that I am actually a robotic mold. Cloned by Toscanini and planted in the mortar of the dome built by his good friend Brunelleschi.
Not that I would buy it anyway, but I thought this was pretty funny. I can't even see the rubbish.

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This must be the best part of all the items in the store:
"These dainty little earrings feature a vintage antiqued sterling silver plated fairy charm and a peridot Czech glass faceted bead accent."

Mind you, there is green Bohemian glass - even very old one (a lot older than vintage absinthe glasses). It just has nothing to do with absinthe.

Another gem: "Couture Noir".

I'd make him write a hundred times: "l'adjectif s'accorde en nombre et en genre avec le nom auquel il se rapporte".

As for the jewels, they're so cheesy that Wallace must love them.
Wow those are cool. I might have to buy some of those for a lady in my life. The rest of you guys are grumps.
Handmade. Yeah.

Kirk, this reminds me of the time a company in China tried to sell me an electric resonator guitar line. They ripped off one they saw in Guitar Player, unaware that I was its designer. I watched helplessly as these fucking pieces of shit hit the market, and became whores of trendiness, though short-lived.
No way, that would hurt. This doesn't hurt, she didn't take anything from me, I doubt I had any influence at all.
Maybe she was just a beader or dead head who sold out, I don't know, more likely some plaid panted third economy spambot master. My biggest bitch is the kitsch.
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