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Full Version: Live Auctioneers L.E. Jung Bottle
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In case someone is foolish enough to drop a Grand for the auction estimate, don't be a schmuck…

Beware, it's an old L. E. Jung Ojen bottle, who ever is listing the item is either misinformed or trying to hook someone, It's not an L.E. Jung absinthe bottle.

Typical Jung & Wulff Ojen Bottle
IPB Image

What a Pre-Ban L.E. Jung absinthe bottle looks like:
IPB Image

What a 1934 Post Prohibition L.E. Jung & Wulff absinthe looks like:

IPB Image

Anyone wanting info on L.E. Jung can drop me a line, I've done quite a lot of research which I have not posted yet.

FWIW, I wouldn't pay more than $25.00 bucks, even at the point of a gun, for a label less Ojen bottle. (Hint: they made a boatload of the stuff for many, many years)
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You like cocktails; ever heard of a Nectarohen?

Anyone wanting info on L.E. Jung can drop me a line…

What can you tell us about the New Orleans Absinthe Manufacturers' Association? And New Orleans Absinthe? The ingredients that would substitute in order to produce something absinthe-like but "free from the harmful wormwood" is something I think we talked about before… but I have the memory of 10-second Tom.
I'll have to post an old post ban, pre-prohibition advertisement I'm holding,…….someday.

The NOLA abs makers kept at it in the 30s, but that is an other story.

Back to sleep, Imp got me up to go out, way too early.
By the way…..whoever placed a bid on that L. E. Jung bottle, that's an awful high minimum bid for an Ojen bottle, and why is the auctioneer showing it full of water?

Cloudy glass perhaps?

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