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I don't know anything about "Bottles-Up", TX but maybe some of you US people does...

shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Pit Bull, Paul Wall, Krazie Bone, Tyga, Slim (112), Lil Flip, Manny Fresh, and Baby Bash.

What is this? A mafia movie?? Jimmie Tip Toes is the only one missing.
I have no idea who these people are. I'm not what you'd call an expert on these matters, but "biggest names in the industry" sounds a bit of a stretch.

I bet the hippidyhoppidysinthe will make a great overpriced drain cleaner however.
Form over substance. Stylin' while the content is ignored. As is any absinthe drinking market they might pretend to. A cocktail crowd? Doubt it.

More fun of that kind
Donnie Darko
That sounds to me like a fuck shit stack.

(Where's Head Prosthesis?)
Donnie Darko
I'm not sure but I bet he'd love Reggie Watts. He's weird but an absolute genius.
That sounds to me like a fuck shit stack.

I tell you what. If you could get Reggie Watts to buy off on a fuck-shit-stack spoon, Kirk could make it… why? Because he's a lady's man too. And a fearless sum-bitch to boot. Kirk, if you're listening, I have no problem producing a fine artistic rendition to find inspiration from.

Everyone else:
Have you ever been to a LoucheFest? Or a real absinthe get-together before?

It's much like this. - especially the walk/crawl home. (Except your pants may or may not to be off when you wake up… it just depends… Don't judge me.)
Donnie Darko
She's cute.

I think my first louchefest turned out that way.
Fuck xit stack would prolly make a better grille
"where my grille at ?"
On the front of the caddy.

Where else one put a grill?
Donnie Darko
These guys dance like that girl in The Hundred in the Hands video, except without special effects:…1895&ref=mf
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(Grim @ Oct 22 2010, 03:21 AM) *

It's much like this. - especially the walk/crawl home. (Except your pants may or may not to be off when you wake up… it just depends… Don't judge me.)

After you introducing me to The Hundred in the Hands, a wild goose chase led me to Crystal Castles, who sound sort-of-similar.

And then that led me to find this awesome track they did with Robert Smith:
Not In Love

The circle is complete.
All I know is I can't wait to louche some Blais-sinthe and chill with Krazie Bone and the boyz.
I had never listened to Crystal Castles before but saw them last year. WOW. Do yourself a favor and see them this year when they come around.

Donnie Darko
Definitely. I saw they're playing in NYC in the spring. I saw one video of them live and the show looked crazy high energy. I don't know what's so irresistible about seeing some cute punker chick scream and throw herself into the drum kit, but it's exactly that: irresistible.
Hence the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' success as well.

But they have more meat than glimmer for me. But I'm old, so F what I say anyway. Let the kids have fun!
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