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Full Version: Greetings from the Peach State
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Well hello there everyone, and I am glad to be in the group. I am Bill Mauldin, Co-Founder and COO of the Georgia Distilling Company which is located just outside of Atlanta, GA. We are creating several sirits lines, but will also be creating an absinthe product for the American market. I look forward to discussions on this subject, and please feel free to contact us at anytime. Thanks!

Welcome. I have to say, the idea of peach or watermelon flavored gin is not very appealing.
Is there any relation between "an absinthe product" and absinthe?
Might be an opportunity for Hiram to try making his absinthe product again, I think he's in-between distilleries.
I look forward to discussions on this subject…

You'll find a good deal of history and information via the Search feature. And I highly recommend looking into Leopold's experience on the forum for an idea of what to expect; Leopold also expanded into distilling absinthe. If you're interested, click here. The most recent posts are on page 1, the earliest can be seen by selecting the "»" button at the bottom left of the list of posts.

Absinthe devotees here and at other forums tend to be very protective of its tradition and history as we see it. And the glut of gimmicky, uninformed absinthe products has offended what many people have worked hard to achieve via these fora. A healthy skepticism, at a minimum, is how things go here (at this the "Oldest, Largest, Most Visited, Most Authoritative Absinthe Site")… but good luck and happy research.

Can you briefly tell us what products do you make currently or are they still, according to your prospectus, in the stage of planning? What light can you shed on Southern Bulldog and Stinger? Why have you decided for absinthe? What kind of absinthe are you interested in? Do you have access to good quality herbs to start from scratch? Do you have any experience with making herbal spirits or working with flavoured stuff?

The site is full of colourful stories and I really dig the music.
Welcome Bill.
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