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Full Version: Cork Reconditioning
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Good evening everyone!

Emergency help needed!!! tongue.gif

The cork on my Roquette got slight bit loose recently; it's not so old, I bought and opened it 3-4 months ago.
The cork is perfectly intact but has shrunken a bit and rotates almost freely in its place! Fortunately when I pull it out half a centimeter it still fits snugly. Is there a way to re-swell the cork??
I store all my bottles upright (like to watch them in a row :)) I thought the obvious solution would be laying down the bottle, but now that the cork's loose I fear that it may leak. (And I don't like to store them layed down) Any suggestions??

Well an easy solution I've come to think of is finishing the bottle before the cork dries out.. Hmmm that's worth considering too yes.gif
Go buy some new corks. I picked up a whole bag of them at some kitchen store for about three bucks.
In the alternative, the time has come to make the drink it or sink it decision.
QUOTE(OCvertDe @ Nov 2 2010, 01:03 AM) *

Go buy some new corks. I picked up a whole bag of them at some kitchen store for about three bucks.

I'm not sure if I can find such corks easily here, and the orig cork still has the red wax, looking gorgeous on the bottle heart.gif I'd still like to give it a shot first.. Any ideas?
Nope. New corks. Go to any grocery store or possibly a "make your own wine and buy our whiskey essence" - store...
Contact me directly, I may be able to do you a favour.

Think I figured it out! Yesterday I've laid the bottle and turned the cork in its place several times (as it is free to turn), to wet the gap in between. Then I've left the bottle upright. Today its much tighter!
I'm glad we could help you through your time of grave crisis.
QUOTE(burcak @ Nov 4 2010, 12:21 PM) *

Today its much tighter!

That's what he said.
Kegels FTW baby.
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