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Full Version: Ron Santo 1940-2010
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Donnie Darko

There may only be 3 Cubs fans here I know of (me, Eric and Bob Chong), but this is very sad news. Unlike most ball players who are either egomaniacs or do it for the money or both, Santo was just happy to be able to play. He turned down offers for more money, was always loyal to his team, and did a hell of a lot of good for not only his team and baseball, but for charity for Diabetes research too. Every ball player should look up to him as a role model. It's too bad the hall of fame didn't admit him, and too bad he never got to see his team win the world series.
My wife was broken up by the news. She's an old Chicago girl. She still has a fan letter that she dictated to a baby-sitter and sent to the team. The letter was returned covered with the signatures of practically every member of the team at the time, including Santo. I crassly told her that her letter had just increased in value.

He's gone but not forgotten.
A truly classy gentleman. RIP.
I grew up as a huge Cubs fan. Ernie Banks was my boyhood idol - I used to send him birthday cards - but Ron Santo was second.
Donnie Darko
They were before my time but when you're a Cubs fan you just somehow know who those guys are anyway. I did have a ball signed by Greg Maddux, Andre Dawson, Rick Sutcliffe, Sandberg and Mark Grace though.

And I took a day off work when Harry Caray died.

I personally think Ryne Sandberg should manage them. They need that sort of home-grown leadership. Outsiders have got them close, but at the end of the day, Pinella and Dusty Baker just couldn't unravel the team's incredibly frustrating tendency to let a mistake or two completely wreck them. Sandberg always played hard as hell no matter what the score was or where they were in the standings, and that's what they need.

Unfortunately the stupid fucking front office blew that chance and now he's with the Phillies. He did a hell of a job working up through the minor league management, but they stiffed him. Not until Jim Hendry is either fired or dead is that team going to have a prayer. Yeah, getting Carlos Pena is ok given his power #s, and getting Kerry Wood back is sentimental or whatever, but those are some dumpster diving bargain basement bullshit moves right there, something you'd expect from the Astros. That's not what a team who's pulling out all the stops to win it does. I hate that I'm a fan….
Santo was a cool dude. I met him a couple of times. He signed my Cubs hat. Still have it. It is a joke that he is not in the HoF.
Donnie Darko
That's an awesome signature to have. He played better than nearly everyone else at 3B and he had a disability. Santo of course never wanted anybody to cut him slack because of his diabetes, but given that he was among the best 3B offensively and was the best defensive 3B player to ever play the game, he should have got in even without consideration of the diabetes, and absolutely 100% should have got in when you consider that diabetes treatment was in its infancy when he was playing like a monster. It will be even more of a shame if some juicer like A-Rod gets in when he's eligible.
Yep. His game stands alone, regardless of the diabetes (which, in that day, was a terminal illness that cut people down before adulthood). He was he best 3B of his era. Mike Schmidt played after him, too, so when Santo retired, he was the second best offensive 3B ever, after Eddie Matthews.
He was he best 3B of his era.

Better than Brooks Robinson?
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