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Full Version: Slovi, another guy of Czech crew
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Hello absintheurs,
my name's Juraj, I'm from Kralupy n/Vlt. (small city near the Prague), Czech Republic.

I will not repeat what I have described in interests’ section in my profile because there you can see what I should write here again. So, if you will have any questions to that, just ask me and I'll certainly respond. But at first I must not forget. I apologize in advance because of my English. I'll try to write as good as I can and in the future to improve my language skills…

Back to absinthe. My first experience is now four years old and has nothing to do with an absinthe. I knew something like absinth exist and I wanted to try it. In our usual pubs was (and still mostly is) only Hill's "absinth". I didn't know how absinthe taste, but after a drink I hoped this cannot be THE absinthe… few years later I had luck because I found Habu's new absinthe site ( and found what absinthe is really about. In the same time, in 2008, started Martin Žufanek make first real Czech absinthe and all became connected. There was a first Czech absinthe forum (, formed Czech absinthe crew, first meeting with Czech absintheurs, lots of new experiences and information. Simply started Czech absinthe recovery…

Since 2008 I've tasted something like twenty different absinthes (my most favourite are in my profile again) including preban Edouard Pernod 1905-1910 (thanks, Habu, for allowing me to experience of a life), based archive for times I will really old and thirsty, and met lot of new Czech absintheurs…

I’m looking forward to new and new absinthes, new information and stories, bottles in archive, absintheurs, experiences and…

…I’m glad to be here in the Fée Verte Absinthe Forum.

Welcome Slovi, nice to see you went beyond the whole Hill's adventure to find true absinthe :)
Martin makes a hell of a nice absinthe with his St. Antoine and I believe there's something frogtastically new coming up next from his stills…
Greetings! abs-cheers.gif
Hi Slovi.
Thank you for the welcome. I just read the threads on the forum yet… But in future I will certainly be discussed as well.
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