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Full Version: Greetings & Salutions from Vancouver Canada (warning, long post)
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It's spectacular how things change in even a short time.

Once upon a time I was born in Ontario, raised by European parents, and encouraged to explore all facets of life, living and libations (rather one and the same, yes?).

My passionate foray into liquor began with Russian vodkas, careened into cognac, and then I was seduced by single malt scotch. And then, through various connections by mail I began my interlude with absinthe. However, way back then (*cough cough*), there was not much available due to carryover from the hysterical period and bootlegs being all one could find in France and Switzerland. I did manage to sample some distilled and some Spanish macerated absinthe.

But then life happened as it always does; time marched on. And now… here is the Internet, with so much information and many offerings. I will admit that having absinthe (with the aid of a fountain) at a bistro in Chicago this past summer rekindled my interest in absinthe.


I have subsequently ordered my first absinthe fountain (I have to say, having used various pouring mechanisms over the years, an absinthe fountain is much easier!). And now I need to restock my absinthe supply and relegate my old dregs to absinthe cookies or something.

Living in BC Canada means that my access to absinthe from our liquor stores is frightening at best. I'll have to return to importing again (not looking forward to those duty charges, let me tell you).

Having perused the Buyers Guide, it is clear to me that absinthe brands come and go. It's difficult for me to see what is current and good & just current and "sold out" temporarily VS long gone.

QUESTION: What are your favourites of all that is currently available OR what can you recommend to a returning absintheur? I enjoy a heavy and flavourful absinthe. Who doesn't, right?

Thank you for listening to my long-winded introduction.


Donnie Darko
It's a good question, as our buyer's guide has not been updated in some time.

There may be some issue importing Absinthe into Canada, but perhaps the US made brands are easier to get up north than the European counterparts.
The brands available on this side of the pond that I would "recommend" are:
Delaware Phoenix Absinthes
Leopold Verte
Vieux Pontarlier (made in France but sold in the US).
If I'm leaving something good out, somebody slap me.

Across the pond, absinthes that I thought tasted very good were:
Berthe de Joux
Doubs Mystique
All of the Jades (if you can afford them), with Nouvelle Orleans being my least favorite and Verte Suisse being my favorite.
Anything made by Stefano Rossi (I think L'Italienne can still be had).
I'd do a border cross and pick up a bottle from the WSLCB store in Bellingham. They even have Pacifique.
What they said.
Geez, you guys are fast! Thanks.

Canada is so weird! Absinthe is perfectly legit, and has been… always I think. I'd have to doublecheck. But as long as I've been alive I don't think absinthe has been illegal here. But what is illegal is using Canada Post to ship ANY liquor between provincial borders and INTO Canada.

In other words, provided I'm willing to pay the duty and taxes, I can import anything I want.

Having said that, in the "old days", if we "imported" our liquor using a courier such as DHL, Fed Ex or Purolator, we'd skip past the border patrol. I have no idea if that is still the case (some investigation will be required).

Everyone's feedback and suggestions are very happily received. Thank you!!!

I am so looking forward to breaking in (no pun intended) my new absinthe fountain on some new absinthe.

Donnie Darko
I like Canada but why does such a supposedly liberal country make alcohol such a pain in the ass? When I was in Montreal I couldn't get a drink at any restaurant I went to, had to run away from my table down the street and pray the liquor store was still open if I wanted to have wine with dinner.
I go to Montreal every month or so for work and have never eaten anywhere without alcohol. Weird.
Agreed. I was in Montreal in March and had no problem getting wine (or even absinthe in some outlets).

Looking at Donnie's avatar, it is not surprising that they don't serve him alcohol.
I've never had issues ordering liquor with my meals in Quebec -- except maybe at poutine stands or something. And that awesome chicken liver pita place in Montreal was the best for sobering up in the wee hours. But I digress.

Canada does have some dumbass rules but it's only to ensure the government gets a big piece of the pie (i.e. taxes). In Vancouver, BC, anything pretty much goes as long as you're willing to pay.

Ahhh well.

In other news, my absinthe fountain arrived today so time for me to get cracking on stocking my shelves with new absinthe!

Cheers, everyone.
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