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Full Version: Indoctrinating future Doctors
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Donnie Darko
I just took a practice MCAT exam, the test you must do well on in order to get into medical school. Look what showed up on the verbal reasoning section…
frusty.gif Oh no not again
Green Baron
Plain2.gifh my fucking god! Philerup.gif
Who's responsible for compiling these tests?

And why is each question labeled "item"?
Proving ignorance knows no bounds.
When was that test last updated?
I think the real question here is did Donnie pass or fail the practice exam,
and if he failed, is it because he knew too little of the truth, or too much.
There is no such thing as truth, there are only different truths.
I'm pretty sure that when we say lighting Absinthe on fire wasn't the way it was done a century ago, it was the truth.
I'm equally confident that whoever wrote that article was full of shit, whether they thought it was the truth or not.
Donnie Darko
Well, the good thing is it's only the verbal reasoning portion of a practice exam. You don't need to agree with it to get the questions right, in fact they often put incorrect or misleading things in the verbal reasoning section as a test of your ability to objectively evaluate what the author is saying.

I'm not sure of the source, but the practice test was made by Kaplan, while the actual exam is made by the AAMC, and both Kaplan and the AAMC often source their verbal reasoning material from magazine, journal and PhD thesis excerpts.

I was disappointed to find that there were no questions on the Organic Chemistry section about anethole solubility…
I'd be disappointed to find an Organic chemistry section. Fortunately med school was never my dream.
I can see why people here are perturbed. The notion that sugar should be in absinthe is ridiculous, a myth that should have been debunked long ago.
I have to agree with that.
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