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Full Version: Soda sữa hột g
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Had this last week in a Vietnamese restaurant. Made one for myself today.

Put some condensed milk into a tall glass. Put an egg yolk onto the milk. Pour club soda into it and whip it up. Yummy. I used ice cold club soda and it didn't foam up as well as in the restaurant, probably because they furnished a bottle of warm club soda and two glasses, one empty for the mixing and one filled with ice cubes (which I didn't use). The cold club soda (I had it in the freezer) doesn't foam up as much. I could see why some degenerate might put a shot of absinthe into this stuff.
Sounds kind of interesting to this degenerate
Me, too.

But then, we've both spent too many years living in Buffalo.
Donnie Darko
Egg is a fantastic ingredient in cocktails. One of the best absinthe cocktails I've had was a proper Round Robin made by some artist at Little Branch. One of the smoothest things I've ever drank.
This is just the yolk, though.

Ramos Gin Fizz uses just the white, and that's a very smooth drink, one of the few cocktails I like.
The whole egg in a shot of rye.
Rye hột g

Rye with chicken seed.

Rhymes with "rot gut"!
I've never tried one so I guess I don't know…
Probably never will.

I did know a man that would have a shot of Bourbon with egg on those 'special' mornings.
Sounds like a W.C. Fields sort of guy.
Looked a bit like him, too.
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