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Full Version: Absinthe: A Documentary
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Many of you have probably already seen this:

It looks really good! The movie is available on Amazon as a stream or digital download for Windows. I hope it goes to iTunes, because I prefer to have a copy I can watch anytime but can't do the Windows Plays-For-Sure thing on a Mac.
From an Amazon review:
the history of this liqueur
I rented it through the Playstation Store on my PS3. I'd never rented anything from the movie section before and discovered that the streaming while downloading didn't work very well for me. Once it was mostly downloaded I didn't have any playback problems.

I liked it and found it was worth the $4.
I wonder how the 30-day limitation works on a rental. Sets an expiration entry in the registry like shareware?
I've never looked into it but that would be my guess too. That, or they're using some form of the DRM Rootkits that their music CDs were secretly installing on peoples PCs.

It had me download the whole file and I can keep it on my PS3 hard drive for 30 days. After you first hit play you then have 24 hours of unlimited watching. I now have an entire movie file on my hard drive that says it's expired and I can't watch it. I'm guessing after 30 days it'll delete itself.
I just watched the streaming version on my Mac, and it worked very well. It's a really entertaining film. I literally laughed out loud in several places. Benoit is always terribly amusing, as is Claude-Alain. And you have Ted, Peter, David, François Guy, Marie-Claude, Barnaby Conrad, etc. Well worth watching!
Worldwide availability coming soon

Coming soon means when? blink.gif

I suppose torrent download is not available either, huh? evill.gif
Make it rapidshare or megaupload.
I just found out it's available for streaming on Netflix.
My interview was cut down to make an ad for Lucid and Jade, which I am no longer associated with…
There was more to it than what was shown… censored2.gif
Jack Batemaster
C'est dommage
Ce qu'il dit.
Jack Batemaster
Il a dit ça ? Ce n'est pas possible !
Thanks for posting that. Looking forward to watching this weekend.
Jack Batemaster
Péter était annulé !
(Not cool on PS being censored.)

But I couldn't wait for the weekend and am watching now.

I am learning a lot.

And my favorite quote halfway through is definitely, "It is said that work never killed anyone, especially not women."

I need to bring that French logic/genius to some sassy American girls for sure.

Again, thanks for sharing this, Spoonie.

(Seeing the Bov. sign and thinking about how I am missing everything this week depressed the living shit out of me, but it also inspired me to buy my first fountain and two bottles of absinthe tonight, as well as consider changing my Zurich flight into a Paris one and hitting the October shindig in France which I have never attended. Someone get me on the jury! PS?.)
Pas de problème!
The jury is for experts™ not good people who just enjoy drinking a decent glass of absinthe.
I like Peter's answer better. (But I think I get your point.)
Nothin like a glass of Jade and a good doc. Thanks for the heads up.

The documentary is pretty good. Nothing new, but still going to be a great educational resource. Maybe there will be a few less people trying to buy wormwood oil on Ebay. It also did feel like an ad for La Bleue, Jade, and Lucid. I wish they would have talked to more producers like Cheryl, Joe Legate, etc.
Most of the film was shot several years ago, before Cheryl, Joe etc were producing.
QUOTE(alanmoss @ Jun 17 2012, 11:07 PM) *

Most of the film was shot several years ago, before Marc, Cheryl, Joe etc were producing.


I fixed it for y'all.
Jack Batemaster
Je pensais la même chose.
Je pensais que les choses étaient les mêmes.
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