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Full Version: Post-Ban History of Pernod Fils
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Green Baron
I was wondering if there was a reference or timeline for Pernod's history as a company after 1915? I know the Tarragona quality slowly declined (though it's quite remarkable they kept going throughout the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War; of the post-ban I've only had '50s vintage which was quite good but certainly no pre-ban), and they were eventually bought out by Ricard (did another company acquire them previously?). What information shows that the modern Pernod-Ricard has no direct lineage to the Pernod Fils of old?
The proof is in the pudding, I'd say.

If such time line exists though, I'm interested to see it as well.
Green Baron
Oh yeah, from the reviews I've seen of the Pernod 68 I never wasted money on it, but one of these days I hope to sample it just for my own education. Of course many of the claims on their website are patently false. But I'm really curious about the history and facts that I can reference when talking or typing about Pernod absinthe to random folks that might fall for the bullshit.
Not trying to put you off… making this post on the move… but you'll definitely find plenty of information in MCD's Pernod 200 years.
Green Baron
Thanks for that tidbit Grim, at least I now know of a published reference that addresses my question.

It was nice to see that an English edition is available from Rue Verte, but at present, 50 bucks is way outside my price range for a book (and of course, you can't drink a book). Especially seeing as how I have yet to acquire the Absinthe Encyclopedia. But it's on my list for the day I have some disposable income and I've rebuilt my absinthe stash.

Also, I'm reminded of some questions I had about MCD, but I'll have to do a forum search before I post a separate topic for her.
Hypothetically, one could provide photos or scans to another in a world where they do not respect copyrights. But that's purely speculative…
Donnie Darko
The Pernod 200 years book is excellent. That price is pretty serious, but given that its target audience is microscopic and given that it's a fat book full of tons of pictures, documents, etc, I bet the time spent researching it and putting it together would add up to MCD getting paid about $5 an hour for it.
It is an excellent book, However, very scant on the subject of the Tarragona years.
Seems no one has any solid information on that period. I have read a cocktail reference printed in 1972 that still mentioned absinthe being made by Pernod in Spain. Pernod and Ricard joined forces in 1974.
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