Hi friends, Oxy, Marc, and some here that I know from other forums/places are aware of this project.
I asked Oxy for permission to post about it here, and was pleased to have his support.

This is my new book Absinthe Antiques: A collection from la Belle Époque.
It is 105 pages, hardbound, heavy satin paper.

I'd like to thank Marc, Clément, Absomphe, Peter, and all the others who helped me acquire pieces, offered advice, and supported my efforts! It is a photo book of my modest collection. It was created to celebrate the beauty and history of these pieces, and to generate interest/awareness of absinthe, its antiques, and its artful world. There are of course, collections more vast and complete, but that will always be the case! This is MY way of honoring something I love dearly, sharing it with others, and helping show absinthe in its proper light.

Currently, it is only available in the USA through my publisher's bookstore. It will, however, be available at Borders Books and Amazon in May, and by June, at Barnes & Nobel.com, where affordable international shipping is offered. Thanks in advance for any interest, and I hope to meet some of you at les Absinthiades in Oct!

Here is the website I created with all info regarding the book, its availability, news, etc:


Best, Scott

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