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Full Version: Furnaces
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Just curious if anyone has any information or texts related to the construction and design of old-school furnaces (for the distillery). It's something I've been spending more time reading on, and suddenly the sections I remember glossing over are difficult to find all over again.

But I'm also interested in purchasing any full works or manuals dedicated to the subject.
I worked on a couple of furnace design models in a different industry, but I don't know if any of that would be useful.

I always wanted to do a piping design model of a distillery. (Did a lot of piping design models back in the day)
It might…

Do you have old contacts from that past industry that may lead us in the right direction?
Those were major huge industrial furnaces, I modeled one a half a hundred years ago for a pretty large plant.

I've been away from engineering for awhile, when I went to the creative side of design.
Bruno Rygseck
Did you know already about this:

M. F. Malepeyre : Distillation des Vins, des Marcs, des Mouts, des Fruits etc.. Encyclopedie-Roret 1873

There are chapters describing the setup of a distillery, also furnaces and fueling the furnaces. I have the book, not in very good conditiion.
I have a few books by Malepeyre… but looking around the moment I read your reply, I can't find that particular text in my books. Would you be willing to send me scans or photos of the text section?
Grim would sell his soul for an arcane dusty book about furnaces.

Hit him up for some American frog juice, Bruno.

He probably knows where to find it.
Bruno Rygseck
Here are some (hopefully readable and organized) photos for starters: Book title page, index, furnace and fuel chapters and Planche 2 (Planche 1 is torn, I'll try to scan it later)…

Distillation by Malepeyre, Manuels Roret 1873
Bruno Rygseck
While looking for old books in Priceminister I found this: Fourneaux de Cuisine - Tôle et Fonte -- it's maybe only about kitchen stoves…

R3al Caravano
Why in the hell would you want to build a direct furnace still if you had other options? If you ran it right (given a highly motivated staff) you would not burn anything if you were only making certain things. Slap a steam jacket on it like a reasonable engineer and a brick facade for the morons. you can run the boiler with wood and have a stack for show, with real smoke, or use a reasonable fuel source and tell them they are killing polar bears otherwise (which is true).
Bruno Rygseck
CAB says that direct heat will squeeze more juice outta the herbs. I'm not sure, I just sinked a glass of CLB alcool de vin.

Edit: …
Bruno Rygseck
My taste buds are at fault, I'm sure…
R3al Caravano
As captain atomic should be able to tell you; you can rock steam at any temperature that you could an old timey furnace, perhaps even a newer one. Yes, I am sure if you purchase something well made it will be well made…Of course the difference between "shit in a loaf" and "cockaigne" made exactly the same way is "what's in a name".
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