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Full Version: An open apology
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It has come to my attention that I inadvertently posted some information that was not meant for public eyes. I guess a combination of exhaustion from getting used to a new baby and a drug induced fugue from some bad back spasms I was dealing with caused me to pay a little less attention to where I was reading information than I should have been.

I can assure everyone that it was totally unintentional, and completely stupid.

I apologize for the bad feelings it has left in some people, but more importantly, I am deeply ashamed for betraying the trust that I had been given by having access to the information. I don't expect to ever be given that opportunity again, and I feel that decision is totally justified. It was a mistake, yes. But it was one that should have never happened, and one that I could have avoided by paying more attention.

I also want to apologize to the general membership for being a grumpy asshole the past few weeks. Kirk, I want to say I'm sorry for going off on you via PM. I've always strived to keep every debate and argument from being personal. But I made it personal in that message. So, I'm sorry for that as well. All is due to the same factors.

Thank you.
Never noticed the slip.
Apology accepted, thank you. I'm sure I had it coming.
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