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So I tried the commercial release of Boggy, and gave Boggy some comments - he asked that they be published here verbatim, so here it is:

It is not nearly as brown as it appeared in those pictures by Frenchman. It is a nice feuille morte color.

The scent is not powerful, but not unpleasant in any way. I can detect of course, anise and wormwood, but it is really quite seamless, with no alcohol obstrusiveness. Allowed to air out for a little while, it develops a faint, pleasant buttery nuance. There are no off or unpleasant nuances of any kind.

Louched carefully with cold water, the scent sharpens somewhat, a little minty, but does not really blossom or fill the room. Still, nothing unpleasant. The louche is very respectable, a nice opaque yellowish-white.

The feel in the mouth is nice and creamy.

The flavor is good - it has a good balance, quite seamless. No off tastes of crappy alcohol, distilling or coloring mistakes, etc.

There is a sharp, dry wormwood finish on the back of the palate. I used no sugar (I never do anymore).

There is nothing outstanding about it, but nothing unpleasant, either. It is a "soft" absinthe I could easily drink it on a regular basis. I think it would age quite well, and get stronger in terms of scent and flavor.

I have to be honest and say I knew HG people who were making absinthe this good years ago, however, if those people had gone commercial instead of gotten bored and gone away, they would be blowing 97% of today's products out of the water.

I should add that the camera captures the stuff as considerably darker than it looks to the naked eye.

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I got my sample today. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells pretty nice. Much nicer than any of the previous samples.
Well done, Duke?
I wrote my tasting notes today on WS without knowing there is an Artemis notes already. I agree with his thoughts and pasting my notes from WS:

Color is brown, but not the "usual" dead leaf colour as seen many times before. I called it Boggy Brown for myself. Herbal aroma is hidden in a alcohol heat, but after few minutes in a glass it's blooming nicely. I guess that distillate is still pretty young and ageing protocol was done mainly for the colour. Absinthe needs some breathing, thats for sure.

Louche is massively building from the bottom of the glass and final result is thick and milky with the brown shades and gives aroma more power.

Drinking is enjoyable and I have finished two glasses without blinking my eyes. Recipe is very traditional and simple, with no more than 4 herbs in distilling and 3 in colouring part. Definitely no tansy!

To be really honest, I like it and I'd buy it. It is WAY better than my first absinthe attempts and also way better than Boggy's HG prototypes before this CO release.
Jaded Prole
He must have hired someone competent to make it.
It's made by Phil at his new micro-distillery.
I'm going to go way out on a limb here, but if Bawky's created something that's not only drinkable but good, then more power to him. And if he arrived at that product through the help of another, well, is that really so unusual?

Truth is, these days the market's saturated with good absinthe. Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, good isn't good enough anymore. And more than likely Boggy Absinthe will improve with further batches.

Do I care?
I don't know what you are talking about, neither do you, too many good absinthes?
I got the boggy sample, pretty brown color, smells delicious, seamless, louches nicely, tastes bland, very little herbal taste, shoe polish after taste. It was better than the other commercials I tried lately.
I don't know what you drink but I don't see the market bulging with good absinthe, let alone great.
No great absinthe, very little good absinthe.
I wrote my tasting notes today on WS without knowing there is an Artemis notes already.

No problem on that score. I didn't post my notes there. No problem even if I had. abs-cheers.gif

Frenchman Phil is Boggy's partner in this venture. The prototype I had was made by Boggy, and it wasn't much different from the commercial sample (made by Phil), other than the color.

The finish will bother some people - I wouldn't go so far as shoe polish - it didn't bother me but it might if I was to drink several glasses.
I may have been a little harsh, that's one reason I don't give reviews. It's possible I don't like booze, there are so few I will drink, fewer that I can enjoy. I did like it better than some others I tried.
And I may have been too generous. Good is a relative term. Basically, I concur with you, I don't know what I'm talking about.

But do I care?
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(Kirk @ Jun 24 2011, 10:19 AM) *

No great absinthe, very little good absinthe.

I still think DP Meadow of Love is "Great", Pacifique is very good, Leopold's Verte #36 I had was very good, L'Ancienne is great. I've had some unmentionables that I would describe as not simply "great", but absolutely staggering, so of course there is room for growth, but I'm actually pretty content with what I can buy, and only wish I had more money so I could buy more of it.
Hey guys. I have had three glasses of Boggy's new absinthe, and have sampled 2 of his earlier creations, which frankly I did not enjoy. I have to say this is a decent and tasty product. It is balanced, well-made, and has a light, refreshing personality. It is not a powerful or punchy absinthe, but rather, gentle and smooth. Its aroma does not leap out as the louche is forming, but its delicate aroma is appropriate for the flavor, and as you tip the glass to sip, the aroma is quite nice. The finish follows the same way; not powerful, but gentle, a light build before the decay, leaving a light pepper and citrus on the tongue. It will be interesting to let this age a bit to see how if blossoms. My feeling here was that the goal was to honor the spirit of pre-ban. The golden amber color neat, is not quite representative of a feuille morte, nor is it green in any manner. It is however, clear and natural looking. Some have detected odd edges in the flavor and finish, but at 4:1, this really smoothed out
and opened. You might be tempted to go for a lower ratio to increase its strength, but I think it is best to drink at 4:1 or higher.
I haven't tasted the CO (evil) version but I find it interesting to hear that earlier samples haven't been to peoples liking whereas this CO version is ok. I have only tasted samples from early creations of his and they all sucked. Which is why it's interesting to hear about the CO one...

Question is - is it drinkable thanks to Phil...?
You mean is it possible that a professional distiller could succeed at least modestly where an incompetent amateur failed?

If he leaves out the celery seed, he has a chance.
Something along that line. Except for the "he has a chance"...
This absinthe seems to have more in common with the other Fumoux absinthes (Napoléan, Verte IIIe République, etc.) than anything Bogumil made at home.
Good point, and true.
Jaded Prole
It'll get an award at the Absinthiads and Oxy will be pushing it as such.Click to view attachment
QUOTE(sbmac @ Jul 11 2011, 07:27 AM) *

… 2 of his earlier creations… the decay…


That about summed those up.
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