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Full Version: 1892 U.S. magazine article on absinthe
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Marc Chevalier

An American perspective, circa 1892. It concedes that absinthe "may be valuable in cases of exhaustion or extreme fatigue". Whatever.

Donnie Darko
Interesting. That's the first time I've read of calamus or citronelle being used in any vintage recipe...unfortunately I doubt the magazine mentions their source for that info.
I have no doubt that calamus and citronelle were used in the creation of fin de siecle absinthe, any more than I would question an article claiming that pine buds were employed in the use of 19th century absinthe. As a people today we tend to pigeonhole everything, because we are "micro-obsessed" I firmly believe that herbs were employed liberally and sometimes even haphazardly in the name of flavor(not to mention in the name of "louchability" in the 19th century.
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