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Full Version: Petit Bréviaire, Liqueurs Spiritueux, apéritifs…
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Bruno Rygseck
Here are some images from the book

Petit Bréviaire À L'intention Des Gourmets Et Tout Particulièrement Des Amateurs De Liqueurs, Spiritueux, Apéritifs, Vins De Liqueurs Et Autres Boissons Délectables (Delhorbe, Mändle, Pluznik; Lateltin 1948)

Interesting Swiss legal definition of forbidden (1936) absinthe imitations/substitutes. The book is written in both French and German.

French, first page
French, second page

German, first page
German, second page

On page two, in the discussion of allowing absinthe-like drinks some 20 years after absinthe was banned, the four technical points show that in allowing such, they're trying to make sure they don't allow four specific bugaboos that made absinthe dangerous in the opinions of the doctors etc. who supported absinthe prohibition in the first place:

The allowable anise drinks

a) May not louche, at least not greater than specified (not because the law had anything against louching itself, but because it revealed a concentration of essential oils that was considered dangerous to health)
b) May not have overly heavy alcohol content
c) May not have bad quality alcohol
d) May not contain chop.gif

Your points about not louching in the other thread - I think the manufacturer in question was merely inconsistent. I doubt that they had any reference to point a). I don't think the glass was at fault either. Granted, absinthe can be tricky to louche, and I've seen some from the same bottle that louched fairly well on one occasion and poorly on another, or vice versa, based upon water temperature, water amount, how the water is added, etc. But an absinthe with a powerful louche will pretty much do so no matter what.
Bruno Rygseck
Bump, and thanks Artemis for the summary. It seems that this has been applied in Argentina also.
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