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Full Version: Hermitage Absinthe
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Bruno Rygseck
A music video had an interesting picture of an old Persan Export Anis de France (?) poster that took me, after some searching, to an absinthe -- could it be any good?
You're asking if an absinthe that uses a picture of a full glass of unlouched (or unlouchable) absinthe as an advertising photo is any good.

Absolutely. If particles can travel faster than light, if there's no Higgs boson, then it's possible that that stuff could be good.

But I don't like the odds.
Looks like crap to me.
QUOTE(Provenance @ Sep 27 2011, 12:36 AM) *

Roche**r* is great stuff.

Accept no substitutes.
With the classic "70% and 55%" it sounds (and looks) like yet another variation of either Tabu or Tunel or whatever crap they bought the cheapest.
Bruno Rygseck
Thanks, all. I am also inclined to believe it's at least not above average. The price, however, is around 17 euros a bottle (if that is retail price, I don't know) so at least it isn't so much overpriced crap.
Cherry Rocher have also been producing the Parisienne La Fée for a couple of years: maybe they have learnt about absinthe from them?
If you call that "learning."
Never mind the 17 euros a bottle, even if it were free it could still be overpriced crap. I say this as someone who values their drinking time and doesn't want it wasted.
Life's too short!
Drink it or sink it.
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