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Full Version: You all seem so familiar
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rob fritz
Hi there everyone I thought I would stop lurking and see what all this absinthe stuff is all about.
You all seem so familiar, like we've met somewhere before. Hey I got it, anybody ever been to a place called Boveresse ? or maybe Absinthiades in Pontarlier Fr. ? I met a bunch of great folks over there who kept talking about some forum.

Just f***ing with you all as I know who most of you are in person from meeting with you this year at the above events. Really just stoped in to say hi.

And to Tibro, the world did kind of come to an end on that Tuesday, the anniversary of the death of Janis Joplin.

I have that effect on all the wrong people.

Ah, well, I can always flay a newcomer as penance I suppose.
Take your shoes off.

Set a spell.
Welcome, Rob!
The Standard Deviant
Dunno, the last Rob I met suddenly disappeared on a sunday afternoon.
Hi Rob, Welcome! :)
rob fritz
QUOTE(Aggelos @ Oct 17 2011, 09:33 AM) *

Dunno, the last Rob I met suddenly disappeared on a sunday afternoon.

Aggelos, I had more photos to take on such a beautiful day, ones that locals said could not exist. I know you will be able to find me wandering the streets of Pontarlier and Couvet a couple of times a year.
Yes, hello again and welcome!
Kidding man, and I know, I've seen you loitering in the streets of Pontarlier.

Was great to meet ya :)
Ahh. finally. Hello!
Welcome Rob!
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