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Full Version: NANOWRIMO Make your fingers bleed bitches!
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R3al Caravano
"Fuck Steak!", what is written words these days anyway if it's not on the internet. If I had a dollar for every "witty" vitrol, that was poorly written and distracted my attention from some good song like Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" (god damn I love that album) with some special report about some bitch with a large ass that had only been married 3 months. Who gives a shit about pop culture and it's useless details. Who thinks about this shit and why do they come out of every corner of gooey sleepy of your eye and waxy drippings of the ear? Give me more morphine and tell me how long her wedding dress was an debate if her wedding was significant to the sanctity of marriage. Are we as a species so bored? Did we forget about doors and windows and that we are not alone (other skulls that pulses in similar ways through an endless pile of wires and skin that can get smacked and smack other skin in a flip of the jaw). Baudelaire's drunkenness of glowing screen, where "my opinion is important", when in fact is it is just as important as the billions of others you think are wrong or unimportant. "but this what kept me up past the dawn…inside the museums infinity goes up on trial, voices echo this is what salvation must be like after a while" In a infinite time when the information is just as readily available in useful form as it always was, uncountable "books" in which is written the same popular history. "There is nothing new!", merely the same done in less interesting ways, and if you think there is anything new you're not too bright (don't blame this author, blame the infinite authors that said the same thing before me). Singularities are the fairy dust egos are made of. So can't we get it half write for a fiver or would we even have a fucking clue if we did, glowing screen, as arbitrary as 50,000 words.
Donnie Darko
So sayeth crystal meth?
And this is why, on the third day of boredom after the seventh day, god created masturbation.
WS was divinely created?
QUOTE(R3al Caravano @ Nov 1 2011, 06:36 PM) *

Who gives a shit about pop culture and it's useless details.

Probably the same sophomor(on)ic douche nozzles who don't give a shit about apostrophes, and when to not use them.
R3al Caravano
The same ambiguity lies in the notes as does the boredom needed to read them. All of our dicks lie in our own hands. You could wipe it off; if you were to pat someone else back, so my advice is that we all need to wash our own shirts.
What you write ain't worth shirt. Sock it up, goat-turd.
R3al Caravano
Do you want my password again and help me out?
R3al Caravano
I draw the line there: the WS was not created; it substance is innate, like the soul of a man (made of bling (diamonds) and such), Philistine.
R3al Caravano
I often feel that if I was to take the most crystal I would be the greatest at something (the tallest leprechaun), the king of something niche', and proudly call myself American. They can write that on my tomb "bigger and better" at something maybe dying. Spill my privileged blood on something useful like the protestors on wall street protested the under privileged of the most privileged (the tallest leprechaun), to cool their summers. They sell it; we buy out of convenience and complain when it is no longer convenient (as if the system is innate), always the same bored dick in the sam bored hand. No revolution needed, when things go against your beliefs simply don't buy them even if it is un-convenient. Crystal nah, always sounded like a drug for dumbasses as far as I'm concerned.
we buy out of convenience

Um, no.
QUOTE(Grim @ Nov 4 2011, 11:55 AM) *

And this is why, on the third day of boredom after the seventh day, god created masturbation.

Or, if Atum is perhaps more your ilk than Yahweh, it happened on the *first* day—a noble god, indeed!
R3al Caravano
Of course no man shall know the hour, until it hits them in the face… This of course is why god created the internet, and on the last day complained because it sucked.
Green Baron
Well at least we're in the right subforum.…heat-sheet.html

I think like any multi-step program, it works best if all the steps are followed through in sequence.
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