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Full Version: First modern Swedish distilled absinthe
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A small batch distillery - Sankta Annas Bränneri - outside Örebro, Sweden, is about to launch their first product, a traditionally distilled absinthe named Valkyria.

Will be interesting to taste.

Label (from their Facebook page here)
IPB Image

...more to follow...

It's going to have to be good to better than Krut's Karport, probably my all time favorite.
HA! Well, there is one brand new Danish absinthe also, just recently released. Traditionally distilled that one too...

Krut's is... well... da shit.
Donnie Darko
I'm only drinking it if it's distilled by this guy:
IPB Image
Bruno Rygseck
QUOTE(hartsmar @ Nov 8 2011, 06:27 PM) *

…more to follow…

yes…yes…YES…Please. When? Price? From Systembolaget? Do they ship to Finland? I can't wait…
Systembolaget most likely won't ship anywhere...
But something tells me you'll get to taste it... wink.gif

December 1st will be the date when they accept first orders through selected stores.
Any info what kind of wormwood has been used? Does wormwood grow in Sweden anyway?
Have a look.
Doubtfully native. The term "casual alien" sound cool! :) Sardinia looks good also.
Bruno Rygseck
A.a. grows wild in Aland (Åland Islands, not Alandia). Very aromatic, too.
Casual aliens are kewl. If you don't know that already I'm sure that you'll see for yourself soon enough.
Genau. :->
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