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Full Version: My Last Day in Hell
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Here's a little story I crafted for an English class about two years ago. It even mentions absinthe!

(Hopefully the .doc attachment uploads!)
Hehehe...27 views and only 4 downloads. Feel free to comment. It could have been a much better story, but I did have a quantity limit (which, it should be noted I nearly doubled).

I've been tempted to go back and revise this.
Dr. Paul
I really enjoyed your story, id love to read the full version you spoke of.

Where did the idea and inspiration come from for this piece? Did you have to write to something set by your school for it?
There isn't really a full version; I could -if I felt up to the task- flesh this one out.

The idea behind the task was to take one of the works we had studied in class (in this case, Everyman) and incorporate themes and elements of it in our own work. In my particular case, I actually utilised the plot and characters of Everyman and put them into the first world war -not such an easy task initally as the play of Everyman is strictly dialogue and my story has very little dialogue.

As I said, there was a quantity restriction -that being 8 pages- but we were allowed to go over if it was necessary to incorporate all elements of our chosen work. The other restriction was that we had to write an accompanying essay explaining the correspondances between our work and the original.

Interesting to note for anyone who has ever read Everyman -there is no setting, so I could have set this anywhere at anytime but I felt war fit it best. If you really want to know more about my work versus the original, I can upload the essay as well.

BTW, I got an A+ on this.
Dr. Paul
Sadly, i havent read Everyman. Its a piece i'll try find some time (i need some new reading). Could you please tell me who wrote it etc?

Thanks alot.
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