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Full Version: European Thujone Regulation Explained
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The linked Scientific Opinion from EFSA explains everything you need to know about EU food safety regulations.

In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.
– Arthur Schopenhauer
I suspect it explains more than I need to know. Or less.

Everything I need to know has been explained to me right here in this forum. Beginning with the fact that thuj0ne is not food. Can't fool me. I'm not even gonna click on that link, suckah.
You say that thujone isn't food even though many people consider chop.gif to be food.
It's what's for dinner.
Donnie Darko
Dr. O was right. Thjone matters…..
So much so that one should add it during the coloring stage.
R3al Caravano
Coloring is when you add gluten…duh
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