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R3al Caravano
Jesus on this fine turkey day full of dreams of some dank expectation of a darker friday, suggested to me to add some useful content to my drunken dribble [that usually amounts to lots of useless content (how could one blame me where is anything for anyone to sink their teeth into, anyone interested in trial and error, techniques, the enlightenment held there in, etc {a babbling ass-clown is all that is left}]), so not to circumvent any rules of this forum I will simply talk about fermentation, its science (a highly overestimated and crucial part of making any booze distilled or otherwise), please feel free to join me.

1) Molasses: I have never seen an equivalent of nutrients, starter or an item that yeast truly prefer.
R3al Caravano
Things to do with left over turkey:

turkey reubens

turkey enchiladas

turkey chili

miniature turkey forts

turkey flavored beer
I seem to remember from when I studied the subject with considerable zeal (but that was a long time ago), that yeast should be started on the same food source it will be tasked with consuming during the fermentation. For example, yeast cells started on molasses will multiply into yeast cells capable of processing molasses, because they have the appropriate cell walls, etc.

I never tried to grow yeast capable of processing anything but beer wort, and for that, malt extract and oxygenation (which makes an immense contribution over and above the food source) were completely satisfactory.

Leftover turkey can be fed to dogs with satisfactory results as well.
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