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Full Version: Something a bit askew with Ike
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I've been drinking Eichelberger (68 Limitee) on and off for a couple of years and recently it's been losing it's appeal to me. I'm not sure if it's because I've over time developed a better tastebudometer or whether there has been a change in the recipe or production but it something seems amiss.

It always starts off well, nice and tasty with a thick louche but over the span of two or three glasses it seems to become undrinkable with an after taste that is just too much to bear.

Someone over at some other place mentioned a waxy after taste and I suppose that's an accurate description but I'd add also a heavy taste to that as well.

Has anyone tasted Eich lately and if so any insight or thoughts on this?
I've always thought Ike's wormwood imparts an oddly waxy tasting finish.
I was a big fan of it, but have recently found it has a bit too much perfume for me.
Damned learning curves.

The Standard Deviant
Poe, you can call the distillery and ask : )
A reasonable suggestion from a middleman, that. The Wilds are fine, friendly folk. And, besides, they have a lot of other quite quaffable products.
Isn't Eichelberger that stuff that tasted like insecticide?
You mean as in tansy?
Green Baron
Lemon Bomb.

I sampled the Eich 80 Brut Blanche (which I believe is just the unproofed, uncolored base of 68 Limitee) and found it quite enjoyable, with the big citrus, but I don't recall any of the waxiness I too experienced in the 68. Wonder if the higher proof made an impact or the waxiness comes from a coloring herb instead? But then it's possible I was too buzzed notice at the time.

I always viewed Eich 68 as solid, no frills verte, close to the same level of complexity as Lucid- though since it lacks the objectionable dirty sock overtones, it's kinda what I feel Lucid should've been.
I always liked it as a casual "go to" from time to time. I'm not certain if my tastes changed, or if this latest bottle is different. It's not bad; still being better than much of what is out there commercially, it's simply much more flowery in flavor and finish than I remember. I don't notice the "waxy," but that might be what I'm sensing as an abundance of perfume.
Thanks for the replies, I haven't tried the 80 Brut Blanche but I will now for a comparison test.

QUOTE(The Standard Deviant @ Nov 28 2011, 05:25 PM) *

call the distillery and ask : )

A fair suggestion but I wonder if it would be worthwhile. From what I've learnt so far, distillers keep their recipes under lock and key and are loath to divulge even the smallest of details, especially if it's a distilling technique or an ingredient that is outside the basic herb list that everyone knows.

I would also run the risk of offending and that I don't want to do.

So I envisage the conversation like this,

ME (with my terrible deutsch); Hallo mein herr, Ich frage mich ob sie etwas geäandert mit ihrer 68 Limitee rezept haben, weil am anfang die Geschmack lecker ist aber leider nach zwei gläser für mich es ist fast untrinkbar. Können sie mich bitte das klar machen?

Mr Eich (surprisingly Mr Eichs' deutsch is just as bad as mine in this imaginary conversation) Nein kann ich nicht! Auf keinen fall gebe ich sie unserer rezept oder brennen methode. Vielleicht ihrer Geschmacksknospe haben kaputt gegangen. Können sie bitte jetzt abhauen?

Me Ja, kann ich. Ich danke sie für ihrer zeit. tchüß
The Standard Deviant
I assumed you were German because of your location, my apologies!

Mein Deutsch ist schlechter als ihrer.
Ahh, assumed.
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