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Full Version: New Fake-Aged Absinthe
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All the kewl kidz are fakely aging their absinthe, why shouldn't you?

With this one we try to close the gap between new products and vintage Absinthe. Obviously we were using a historic formula, but the real innovative part of production is processing the product after distillation. We're looking forward your comments!

Jack Batemaster
Qui est-ce ?
Markus. I can't wait for his I Can't Believe It's Not Thujone™ imitation thujone flavoring syrup to go with his I Can't Believe It Stays This Green In The Texas Sun™ coloring agent.
Well, you just know it's gonna be bitter.
Bitter than what?
Jack Batemaster
Pas moi.
Jack Batemaster
C'est un peu chèr.…nthe-Segarra-68
Jack Batemaster
Zut. Ce forum l'est cassé !

Segarra 68 est un peu cher.
Bruno Rygseck
I just tasted the Prototype 45. It has some nice flowery aromas, good color and it isn't bitter, but there is something un-absinthe-like (of what I think I know so far) in its taste -- tea or tobacco -- just slightly so. I'd like some more anise sweetness.
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