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Full Version: Absinthe in MAXIM
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Hi guys, a very good excuse for you to subscribe to MAXIM (without being kicked by your wife):

4 pages article about absinthe in the December 2011 issue (click to see more).

IPB Image
I liberated an issue from a doctor's waiting room years ago, but that was because it had a picture of Christina Applegate on the cover.

I seem to remember they were one of the first, if not the first, U.S. magazines to publish an article on absinthe after the revival. Sort of a firstest with the worstest - it set the bar distressingly low.

At least it used to be a U.S. magazine. I see God has punished them by forcing the operation to Mexico. If they keep talking about autotune as something other than the hideous stain upon the music "industry" that it is, they'll wind up in North Korea.
Do I get a free mini of absinthe with that subscription?
Maybe it's a maxi.

I don't know who Skrillex is, but if he can really destroy a subwoofer, turn him loose on all of them. While he's at it, he can personalize an autotune to my criterio. That video of Bill Murray smashing the alarm clock is all the criterio he'll need.
QUOTE(Marc @ Feb 28 2012, 02:30 PM) *

Hi guys, a very good excuse for you to subscribe to MAXIM (without being kicked by your wife):

Only if you edit your post to remove the convenient link. Otherwise, we all get our kicks. And THEN we get our kicks.

Speaking of actually reading the article instead of looking at the pictures, either good ol' Pierre Ordinaire was a time-traveler, the Mexican/Spanish concept of "approximate" is pretty damn liberal, or dyslexia does not stop at the border. 1972 only wishes it were that cool.
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