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Full Version: Pre-Ban Pernod Fils?
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My father-in-law purchased what I think is a pre-ban bottle of Pernod Fils Absinthe. It is still corked, although part of the cork has broken off. It also still maintains a light green color. Can anyone tell me more about it? He would like to sell it, but we haven't the slightest clue about its history or value. Thanks!
Side view.
Or rather, uncork it, louche it up, and get smashed!

I don't know the definitive answer to your question Cupcakes, but your bottle is the wrong color and lacks the PF seal that would indicate it might be genuine. It looks like someone made a copy of a genuine PF label for bottles sold in the U.S. market about 100 years ago (such as seen here) and made themselves a prop worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Of course, I could be wrong.
It could be (as I tell him in private) an distributor that purchase PF in barrel or demi john than bottle and label by himself … but ordered it white than color by himself … it could be anything …
rob fritz
I agree with EP, it could be anything unless you can find some historic reference to the molded bottle and that style lable. Drink it or sink it.
Well that is disappointing. Thank you for your help, I don't think we will try to sell it now.
so no value … if that bottle would have been real pernod it would worth somewhere between 1000 and 2000$ now we can't be sure on what it is

I hope that your father in law didn't purchase it over the range of 100$
ordered it white than color by himself

From what I've read about Pernod, it doesn't seem like the sort of thing they would endorse, especially when the label has "Pernod" on it. It's pretty easy to make absinthe worse by coloring it.

If it is a fake, I wonder what absinthe they put into the bottle.

I wouldn't open it until Oxy weighs in on it.
T-cork? Looks HG to me.
All you can do now is opening it, measuring the alcohol % and getting it tested for ethanol, methanol & thuyone, unless you want to drink it now and wait for the next day to see if you're still alive or not.

You can still try louching 2-3cl but if the aroma and first sip are as odd as the color, sink it.
Almost certainly a contemporary fake, most likely bottled in back of a café (and if it came with a T-cork, that was put on much later, so contents are completely in doubt if it is even anyone's absinthe inside). By a certain time (or always?) Pernod fils didn't allow re-bottling. Very interesting regardless as this type of bottle and label rarely survived.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Label says: Pernod fils (white or green) is sold only in bottles (which would have the original label). Any kind of change is a fraud.
However, it also says Pernod fils is always 72 degrees (percent alcohol), which we know isn't true…
Looks like there is a decayed cork in the bottle, though. Maybe the T cork was employed as a backup? None of that means it isn't fake, though. If it's modern, it could well be that there is no absinthe at all in it.
IPB Image

remind me what I did …
I can think of a forum where they would love for someone to register and mention that have an old bottle of preban absinthe for the American market.

The problems is that place is full of Skulduggeringscut-throatists.
Edouard started a thread about this bottle at the French forum.

One person remarked that the bottle was manufactured well after legal absinthe production ended in France.

Another said that the vertical mold marks place the manufacture of the bottle in the 1950s.;#entry43071
I have seen this faked Pernod Fils several times, always from US sources. I believe this is ersatz absinthe made in Cuba in the 1930's.
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Mar 12 2012, 03:35 PM) *

I have seen this faked Pernod Fils several times, always from US sources. I believe this is ersatz absinthe made in Cuba in the 1930's.

i suppose that would make it a collectible in its own right, but certainly not as valuable as the genuine article.
Maybe this will help, and thanks again for any info or advice. He payed $150.00 for it so it's not a huge deal.
One more.. I guess we could sell it as a fake but we just want to be sure first, we're not out to scam anyone.
There is or was an olive oil named "Lucero". This isn't my area of expertise, but I'd say that logo kills any chance of the bottle being associated with absinthe in general and Pernod in particular.

OMG Oxy is alive !

I googled lucero than I find out :

Lucero … since 1906
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Mar 12 2012, 11:35 PM) *

I have seen this faked Pernod Fils several times, always from US sources. I believe this is ersatz absinthe made in Cuba in the 1930's.

Oh no, not *that* one? You mean the one the King of Spirits recipe is probably based on?

Shouldn't be hard to determine. You won't even have to taste it.
Like this one?
Click to view attachment
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Mar 12 2012, 02:35 PM) *
I believe this is ersatz absinthe made in Cuba in the 1930's.

Hard to believe that anyone would sell that crap.

Odd that the advertising for the samples described it as "a good quality, naturally coloured absinthe, and likely dates from the mid 1930's" rather than "ersatz absinthe."
Didn't see that old thread until just now.

I'm pretty sure that same set of samples is in my fore-mentioned cabinet.

I remember being unimpressed with the Bazinet. All this time, I thought the Cuban sample was rum. I'm not sure I ever even tasted it.
Thanks to everyone for helping us discover a bit more about this bottle. Thus far, we know the bottle was post-50's (due to the vertical lines), is a knock-off of real Pernod, and should be "smashed." :) Rather than smashing it, I think we will tell my father-in-law to put it on his mantle place for an interesting conversation piece. We appreciate your expertise!
If I recall correctly that Bazinet was woody and not very good.


Before you retire the the bottle to the mantle, why not try some modern absinthe? At least that way you'll know that the bottle is imitating and makes for a better story. Besides, you may like it.
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