A member at the Lounge called Seth posted this poem unattributed, but as it turns out, he wrote it himself. I ran it through a software translator and got it pretty close I guess. I like it. He gave permission to repost it here, along with his name, which is Aislan Souza. It's Portuguese. Here is a link to him reciting it: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0obBogN7hsC

Afoga-me iguaria francesa!
Lentamente afogue o que eu sinto.
Deixa-me que pereça,
Numa taça de Absinto.

O cigarro ajuda a me matar,
combinando sabor venenoso.
Mas é o Amor por Ela que tira meu Ar,
Ainda que pouco proveitoso.

Se febre sinto ao entardecer,
na mágica hora do Crepúsculo.
Motivo do meu perecer
esse tão voluptuoso impulso.

Afoga-me Verde Fada,
Numa taça de Absinto.
Pois a sentença já foi dada,
Não importa mais o que eu Sinto.

Drown me French delicacy!
Slowly drown what I feel.
Leave me to perish,
In a cup of Absinthe.

The cigarette helps to kill me,
combining poisonous tastes.
But it is the Love for Her that takes away my breath,
Still not much profit in it.

If I feel fever from the sunset,
in the magic hour of the Twilight.
Cause in me to perish
that one so voluptuous impulse.

Green Fairy drowns me,
In a cup of Absinthe.
The sentence has been given,
No matter how I feel.