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Full Version: Two Samples
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In September Bogumil sent me two samples and I promised I would make some comments here. I didn't wait this long on purpose; I just forgot about them.

I'm not doing the scoresheet thing anymore - it's too much like work and not enough like pleasure.

Absinthe de Vichy 45% (not colored):

It smells very good, candy-like. The louche is weak. The flavor of the louched drink doesn't deliver the promise of the raw smell, but it still smells and tastes good. Certainly nothing wrong with it. If only it had MORE of everything it would be very good indeed.

Boggy Verte distiller's proof 65% (official CO might have been more like 60%)

This one is green. Also smells good, but not as good as the Vichy. Louches much better. Tastes good. Kind of reminds me of the stuff out of South Africa years ago (can't bring the name to mind at the moment) - a lot of people didn't like that, but I liked it. Not a bad effort.

Thanks, Boggy. Sorry it took so long, but no doubt the stuff improved over time.

You mean this stuff?

I remember a bottle of that got passed around from fest to fest. No one wanted to drink it. I considered an unquestionable Sink It™. Whoever I gave the bottle to couldn't find anyone to drink it and passed it on. I think it got passed on at least once after that but I'm not sure.
Jaded Prole
Ah the Doubs. Unpleasant Eucalyptus flavour as I recall.


Doubs. Yes, thank you.

It's not so much that it tastes like that (although it's hard to say across the shadows of time), but that it's not quite standard (anise/wormwood) - not as "medicinal" as Doubs, though.
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